San Fermin Fiesta

Classification Festivities
Festivals and Performances San Fermin Fiesta
Festivals and Performances
San Fermín Fiesta
Zone Europe
Theme category
date & Time
Nation Spain
Address Pamplona, Spain
Language 스페인어
Period 매년
Website (비공식)
Year Established 1591
Host Pamplona City and Fiesta
Thousands of people come every year to experience the risk and excitement of the popular running of the bulls, immortalised by Ernest Hemingway in his novel Fiesta. For nine days, Pamplona residents and visitors alike, dressed typically in red and white, get carried away by the continuous festive spirit that invades the streets.
San Fermín starts 6 July at midday. At that moment the chupinazo is launched from the balcony of the town hall. It is a rocket that marks the official start of the fiesta, causing an outburst of joy amidst the crowd gathered in the square. The first running of the bulls is held the following day: at 8am sharp the doors of the Santo Domingo corral are opened, and hundreds of people run in front of the bulls on their route through the old town to the bullring.