Kazakhs Sybyzgy playing tradition

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Summary Kazakhs Sybyzgy playing tradition Sybyzgy (kaz. "syb" - whisper, whispering, "yz" - buzzing, rattling, "gy" - the end of the word, the term, meaning hissing sound) is one of the most ancient and fascinating instrument of traditional musical life with specific magical sounding wind. Popularity of sybyzgy among folk musicians explained by the simplicity of the forms and the availability of the material from which it is made - the hollow stem of the umbrella plant - kurai (“qurai”). Name of the musical instrument comes from the specific of pronunciation of the Kazakh coloristic tembroideal sound [?] which arises from the sensitivity of auditory perception overtones. However, the pure sound of sybyzgy related to timbre coloring and the sounds it produces something trembling, resembling high flute. Therefore, the people say: “Sybyzgynyng bezildegen uni” (“sad, crying sound of sybyzgy”). Sybyzgy is made from cane, as well as wood and copper. The hollow cane is made of three to five holes. Master playing on sybyzgy, masterfully possess elements of throat singing. Sybyzgy occupied an important place in the musical life of the people. On the remote pastures flutesybyzgy brightened shepherd’s loneliness. Sybyzgy bring joy to people in the evening hours of rest, when the musicians told wonderful ancient legends and played beautiful melodies. Technique of playing on sybyzgy is difficult, despite the primitive nature of the instrument. However, this kind of design can give a deep, “natural” tone and rich overtones sounds. Three holes in the tool allow you to use more than two octaves. Masters-performers on sybyzgy noted three method to extract the sound: the sound of the instrument, the sound resonates from the hole and the throat sound. Bearers of sybyzgy traditions have their own performing schools in the Western and Eastern Kazakhstan, Bayan-Olgiy (Mongolia), some areas of the Altai territory. Sybyzgy is played in many modern ensembles and orchestras.
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