Dance of Monk : Dance of the Eight Manifestations of Guru Rinpoche (Guru Tshengye)

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Summary Guru Rinpoche is a highly realized being who took
many miraculous forms in order to benefit the world in
general and the region of Tibet, Sikkim and Bhutan in
particular. In the dance of Guru Tshengye, he took the
following forms:
1. Guru Tshokye Dorji: When Guru Rinpoche
miraculously took birth from the lake Dhanakosha
and became the son of King Indra Bodhi; he came to
be known by this name.
2. Guru Shakya Singye: When Guru Rinpoche left the
pleasures of the palace to seek the path of Dharma in
the cave of Maratika, he was known by this name.
3. Guru Loden Chogsed: When Guru Rinpoche had
mastered all the instructions of the Sutras and Tantras
in the sacred places of India, he was known by this
4. Guru Pema Sambhava: When Guru Rinpoche took
the mystical consort Lhacham Mendarava, her father,
the King of Zahor took offence and set him on fire.
However, the fire miraculously turned into a lake of
lotuses. Due to this feat, Guru Rinpoche was known
by this name.
5. Guru Pema Gyalpo: When Guru Rinpoche returned
to the domain of Ogyen, the evil ministers tried to
kill him along with his parents. However, they were
defeated and subsequently converted to Buddhism.
Guru Rinpoche was known by this name as a mark of
accomplishing this feat.
6. Guru Nima Oezer: When Guru Rinpoche wandered
through the eight great charnel grounds including the
legendary Sewa Tshal, giving teachings to dakinis and
taming the evil forces, he was known by this name.
7. Guru Singye Dradrog: When Guru Rinpoche
prevailed over forces opposed to the Dharma in the
centre of the world, Bodh Gaya, by accomplishing
miraculous feats, he was known by this name.
8. Guru Dorje Drolo: When Guru Rinpoche flew on
the back of a tigress from Singye Dzong in Kurtoe
to Tagtshang in Paro, concealing sacred objects and
prevailing over evil forces, he was known by this
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