Dance of Monk : Black Hat Drum Dance (Zhana Nga Cham)

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Summary Poisonous and infectious afflictions can obstruct
accomplishment in Buddhism. To overcome them, the
Masters of the Vajrayana tradition use skilful means.
The dancers beating their drums proclaim victory over
the evil spirits. Zhana Nga Cham represents this process
of good prevailing over evil. The sound of the drums
represents religion and the subtle form of Buddha’s
teachings. Zhana Nga Cham is performed on occasions
where great works are planned; one such occasion, for
instance, was when the Glorious Zhabdrung Ngawang
Namgyal consolidated the country. The elements of
earth, water, fire and air, are pacified by the performance
of this dance, thus making them fertile and supportive of the initiatives. The dancers wear large black hats, felt
boots and colourful long brocade garments.
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