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ICH Domain Performing Arts, Urgent Safeguarding List
Name of UNESCO List Urgent Safeguarding List
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Local Name Монгол лимбэчдийн уртын дуу хөгжимдөх уламжлалт арга барил- битүү амьсгаа
Safeguarding Policy Although there is no national law or act particularly focusing on the intangible cultural heritage in whole, there are national laws regarding the protection of cultural heritage. The fundamental legislative act on the given theme is the ‘‘Law on the Protection of the Cultural Heritage, approved by the Parliament of Mongolia in 2001. This law is based on the other previous legislative instruments, such as The Constitution of Mongolia (1992), the State Policy on Culture (1996), the Law on Culture (1996), and in connection with the other laws in the field of culture, education and arts. 
Location (Address) “Folk long song performance technique of Limbe performers – Circular breathing" is a unique heritage which has survived only among few apprentices of L.Tserendorj (1908-1989), the last renowned main representative of the element. Currently, the element is being practiced among 14 individuals in total, 5 in Ulaanbaatar city, 1 in Uvurkhangai, 2 in Zavkhan, 1 in Govi-Altai, 1 in Khovd, 1 in Umnugovi, 1 in Dornogovi, 1 in Tuv and 1 in Darkhan-Uul Provinces each.
Section/Division in Charge Ministry of Education, Culture and Science is the main institute for the implementation of the Law on the Protection of the Cultural Heritage. State Specialized Inspection Agency is the official body in charge of the inspection on the activities implemented within the framework of the Law. 
Name of National List Category of Rare and Outstanding Cultural Heritage
Name of National List National List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage in Need of Urgent Safeguarding
Management Organization of National List Minister of Education, Culture and Science
Summary For the long historic development of Limbe performance, Mongolians have created the technique of playing Limbe using circular breathing. The element comprehensively corresponds to the characteristics of the melody of Mongolian folk long song, particularly adequate for performing it with prolonged and melodic tune for its entire duration without pause.  Limbe and Morin khuur (Horse headed fiddle) are the main instruments that perform unilaterally the melodies of traditional folk long song or accompany its performance. While performing a folk long song, it is customary for Limbe performers to use the technique of circular breathing. Single stanza of folk long song continues approximately 4-5 minutes. Single song consists of 3-5 or more stanzas, which requires performance of the limbe to continue uninterruptedly 12-25 minutes. Mongolians describe things unseen to one's eyes as 'bituu' meaning hidden. The technique is unrecognized from its performance. 'Bituu amisgaa' means 'hidden circle of breathing'. It is accomplished by breathing in through the nose while simultaneously blowing out through the mouth using air stored in cheeks in order to continuously play the Limbe without any interruption. The unique characteristic of the technique is embodied by the circular bond of continuous air flow by inhaling and exhaling simultaneously.
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