Call for Submissions for World Folk Film Contest

A scene of a Nepalese shaman in one of the award-winning films in the 1st World Folk Film Contest @ NFMK

The National Folk Museum of Korea (NFMK) is holding the 2nd World Folk Film Contest to promote traditional folk culture conservation and creative ways in its transmission.

Submissions are open from 10 September to 18 December. Korean applicants can enter basic and film-related information on the official website ( Non-Korean applicants can find details on the News & Notice board of the International Journal of Intangible Heritage (

The contest has two categories: Special Documentary, which is “World Food Culture,” and General Documentary, which is “World Folk Culture.” Both categories should introduce Korean or foreign folk culture. Submissions should be non-commercial films between three and fifteen minutes long with a complete scenario. Applicants, whether locals or foreigners, can participate in the contest as an individual or a team.

A scene of the Mummers Festival in one of the award-winning films in the 1st World Folk Film Contest @ NFMK

The applicants are responsible for editing and submitting their films. Domestic applicants can submit films on family rituals or foreign folk events while foreign applicants can submit films on their traditional culture or Korean culture from a foreigner’s perspective. The collected films will be open to the public through screening events or lectures and used in exhibitions or educational events held by the NFMK.

The film awards will be announced on in April 2019. Awards will be presented to thirteen films in both categories, including a Grand Prix award, 1st Place (one from each category), 2nd Place (two from each category), and 3rd Place (three from each category). The awardees will receive a certificate and cash prize.