Call for Papers, Videos, and e-Exhibitions for Participatory Methodologies and ICH

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MEMORIAMEDIA project (MI/IELT) has a peer reviewed e-journal dedicated to promote, communicate, and document projects, studies, and archives of intangible cultural heritage. For the next issue, authors are invited to submit unpublished papers, videos, or e-exhibitions about Participatory Methodologies and intangible cultural heritage. For papers, the length is up to 5,000 words as a Word file (.doc or .docx) or plain text (.txt). It should be written in English or Portuguese. Videos can be up to ten minutes with access via YouTube or Vimeo. For e-exhibitions, Powerpoint files or other formats for editors’ consideration are acceptable. Both videos and e-exhibitions should be subtitled or written in English, up to 2,500 words in text file.  The deadline for the submission is 30 September 2018. More information and the submission form are available at