Call for Papers: 2018 Pagtib-ong, the UP Visayas International Conference on Intangible Heritage

Placard for the UPVisayas conference © UPVisayas

The University of the Philippines Visayas (UP Visayas), in coordination with the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) and the Commission for Higher Education (CHED), is pleased to invite scholars, researchers, and artists to participate in the second Pagtib-ong UP Visayas International Conference on Intangible Heritage to be held on 25 and 26 October 2018 at the Grand Xing Imperial Hotel, Iloilo city, Philippines. ‘Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage through research, Documentation, and Education’ is this year’s conference theme.

Today there are various safeguarding measures aimed at ensuring the viability of intangible cultural heritage (ICH), including identification, documentation, research, preservation, protection, promotion, enhancement, and transmission, particularly through formal and non-formal education, as well as the revitalization of various aspects of heritage. However, in such a science- and technology-driven world, ICH is bound to be forgotten unless it is incorporated in the curriculum in formal education—from basic education through the tertiary level—so there are needs for bringing up such safeguarding efforts. In this context, the UP Visayas International Conference on ICH is planned with a great mission to safeguard ICH at the national and international level by fixing the focus on education.

The conference is a platform to present research on ICH in the hope of inspiring or generating more research and documentation through gathering and evaluating researched and documented ICH from around the world. It is expected to make more dialogue and map ways or develop a strategic plan to integrate ICH in non-formal learning environments and in formal education subjects, which will hopefully foster an appreciation for ICH as a means to strengthen cultural identities and as a possible tool for education towards sustainable development and resiliency.

Interested individuals are welcome to present their papers at the conference, considering the three following topics: ‘Research and Documentation of ICH; ’ ‘Strategies, Programs, Projects, and Activities to Promote ICH Safeguarding in Non-formal Learning Environments or in Local Communities;’ and ‘ICH and Formal Education Including Curricular Program Development, Course Proposals, Teaching Modules, and Related Matters.’

For papers, a one-page abstract that includes a title, background, objectives, methods, results, and conclusion should be submitted by 15 June 2018 via e-mail ( Proposals for performances and exhibits are also welcome. For more details, please refer to the university’s website.

Article provided by the UP Visayas