Call for NGO Presentations for the 7th UNESCO General Assembly Side Events

Banner for NGO side events © ICH NGO Forum

The ICH NGO Forum is pleased to invite representatives of UNESCO-accredited NGOs to participate in side-event programs during the seventh General Assembly of the States Party to the Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage to be held from 4 and 5 June 2018 at UNESCO headquarters in Paris, France.

The presentations can vary from exhibitions to live presentations (or performances) but must demonstrate the contribution to implementing the UNESCO 2003 Convention and to safeguarding ICH. Interested participants are recommended to take the following conditions into consideration upon writing proposals.

For foyer exhibitions, tables and space for posters or standees (popups/kakemonosgrills) will be available. If objects or other types are to be exhibited, it is preferred to have a visualization and the context to active ICH practice and safeguarding. In addition, there will be two screens to show self-running audiovisuals using a USB drive or laptop, so installation will have to be set up in advance, by Sunday, 3 June, from 2 to 6 pm.

The ICH NGO Forum welcomes live presentations or performances, too; however, all expenses will have to be borne by the NGOs. There are three options for the performance presentations. The first option is the performance in the foyer in the mornings and during the lunch breaks from 1 to 2 pm, as there are side events every day from 2 to 3 pm. Secondly, performances in the open space, “Japanese garden” outside can be held if the weather is mild. The third option is an event in room IV (NGO Room).

All interested NGOs should submit written proposals before 10 May 2018 to Proposing organization representatives should clearly state their name, address, region, contact information, and the details of the presentation, including posters, types of display, object details, technical information, and descriptions. Creative contributions are also welcome. For more information, please visit the ICH NGO Forum website.

Provided by : ICH NGO Forum