Call for Articles: 2025 Living Heritage Series ‘Basketry’

2025 LHS Call for Articles © Photo Credit: Yeshi Lendhup, National Library and Archives of Bhutan

#HeritageAlive, is a journal published every two years, with the support of ICHCAP, to promote NGOs’ experiences with the safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage (#HeritageAlive – ICH NGO Forum). So far, 4 editions in the Living Heritage Serie have been published successfully. In December 2023, during the 18.COM in Botswana-Kasane, the editorial board chose Traditional Basketry as the theme for the next publication. The estimation is for the next publication to be ready by the end of 2025 to be presented at the 20.COM.

For this next publication we are seeking articles that reflect NGOs’ involvement and the experiences of individuals in ongoing projects related to basketry. We seek articles promoting best practices of safeguarding the traditional knowledge and skills involving the use of a variety of materials such as plant, tree components for the braiding process, and more generally the development of by-products as part of the basketry. Rather than solely presenting basketry as an ICH element, the articles must reflect the challenges, methodologies, and experiences in safeguarding and transmitting the ICH. Basketry is regarded one of the oldest crafts in the world and represents all the five domains in the convention. Therefore, we aim for articles that showcase the ICH’s social and cultural function for a group or community. To honor the spirit of the 2003 Convention, the articles shall preferably be written by, or in close collaboration with, the NGOs and practitioners concerned.

All UNESCO accredited NGOs are encouraged to contribute. We encourage authors from the NGOs aged 35 or younger to submit a text to compete for the Albert van der Zeijden prize. Each year a young author is awarded thanks to his or her outstanding article about an ICH safeguarding experience.
As per the theme ‘Basketry,’ the abstract should be written in English or French with a word count of 300 to 400. The deadline for submitting abstracts is 1 May 2024. Please send them to (Rachel Jefferie, Editor-in-Chief) and copy (Antoine Gauthier). The decision regarding the contribution will only be made for the selected authors after reviewing the abstracts.

Please make sure to use the attached [2. 2025 LHS Application Form] when submitting the abstracts. You can find more information in English and French in the attached [1. 2025 LHS Call for Articles].

1. 2025 LHS Call for Articles

2. 2025 LHS Application Form