ASEAN Week 2019 to Be Held at Seoul Plaza

The ASEAN-KOREA Centre (AKC) will hold ASEAN Week 2019 from 14 to 16 June at Seoul Plaza. ASEAN Week 2019 is one of the events held this year to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of ASEAN-Korea dialogue relations and the tenth anniversary of the AKC. (ASEAN means Association of Southeast Asian Nations.)

During the event period, there will be ASEAN cultural performances, congratulatory stages by K-POP singers, fashion shows, and a ASEAN travel talk show run by a South Korean singer, Gwanghee Hwang. In addition, ASEAN lifestyle and design exhibitions will be held and booths related to culture and tourism are to be placed.

The AKC is an intergovernmental organization mandated to promote economic and socio-cultural cooperation between the ASEAN ten Member States and South Korea. It was inaugurated on 13 March in 2009 in celebration of the twentieth anniversary of ASEAN-Republic of Korea dialogue relations. South Korea and ASEAN set up the dialogue relation in 1989 to build a lasting and genuine partnership, and then they held ASEAN-Republic of Korea Commemorative Summits in 2009 and 2014. The summit is planned to be held again in November this year in Busan, and the AKC is working in the hopes of creating a blueprint for future partnerships and a catalyst for South Korea’s New Southern Policy, a commitment by President Moon Jae-in to prosper with ASEAN.

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