Announcing the Results of the Call for Papers of Living Heritage Series “Traditional Martial Arts”

Results of the Call for Papers of Living Heritage Series “Traditional Martial Arts” Ⓒ ICM

ICHCAP and ICM are announcing the results of the call for papers for the Living Heritage series “Traditional Martial Arts”.

The Living Heritage Series “Traditional Martial Arts” is a joint project between ICHCAP and the UNESCO International Centre of Martial Arts (ICM) to increase the value and raise awareness of traditional martial arts as ICH and to disseminate and promote the philosophies and values of martial arts.

We received several applications from different regions over a two–month period and selected twenty after a thorough screening.

Manuscript guidelines will be delivered to the selected applicants, and they can submit their manuscripts by July. The selected manuscripts will be published in October 2020 as the fourth volume of the Living Heritage Series.

Ahmet Erman Aral
Kırkpınar Oil Wrestling
Andreas Niehaus, Eduardo González
Carlos Gutiérrez-García (co-author José Antonio Robles-Tascón)
Leonese Wrestling
Ernest Kozin
Traditional Chinese Martial Arts
Fabrice Cognot
George Jennings
Gustavo Maçaneiro, Emerson Franchini
John A. Johnson
Laurent Chircop-Reyes
Xingyiquan 形意拳
Mohamed Effendy Bin Abdul Hamid
Pencak silat
Munieswaran Krishna Kumar
Nillaikalakki Silambam
Nguyen Ky Nam, Tran Van Dung
Bạch Hổ
Ọbádélé Bakari Kambon
Sanko Lewis
Traditional dance, taekkyeon, ssireum, taekwondo
Soraia Chung Saura
Thomas A. Green
Vernacular Martial Arts
Thu Thu Aung
Venugopal, B
Vorontsov Andrii
Traditional Wrestling Styles
Zbigniew Sawicki
Polish Hussar Sabre