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Office of the Director-General
Ji-Sung Kim, Director-General
  • Directing and managing the operation of ICHCAP's four offices; Office of Strategic Development, Office of Planning and Management, Office of Information and
    Research, and Office of Cooperation and Networking
+82 (0)63 230 9701, Jeonju

+82 (0)44 251 1001, Sejong

Office of Strategic Development
Deok-soon Kim, Director
  • Directing and managing the daily operation and projects of the Strategic Development Office
+82 (0)70 4279 2362
Min Yung Jung, Programme Specialist
  • Conducting demand survey and study on the current status of cultural heritage system
  • Establishing Southeast Asian cultural officers network
  • Supporting UNESCO’s ICH capacity building projects for sustainable development
+82 (0)63 230 9711
Jina Choi, Assistant Programme Specialist
  • Developing a mid- to long-term strategy and project model for ODA
  • Operating the Kyrgyzstan ODA project
  • Conducting research on ICH policy
+82 (0)70 4279 2337
Jae-wang Kim, Assistant Programme Specialist
  • Developing new projects in Korea
  • Operating ICHCAP advisory committee
  • Buliding and promotiong ICH network in Korea
+82 (0)70 4279 8416
Zhansulu Issayeva, Project Consultant
  • Organizing Silk Roads Living Heritage Network Meeting
  • Conducting a study for the establishment of strategies for safeguarding ICH on the Silk Roads
  • Discovering and promoting good practices for revitalizing traditional crafts
+82 (0)63 230 9712
Seoin Lee, Project Consultant
  • Supporting the study on cultural heritage system
  • Supporting ODA and sustainable development projects
  • Supporting administrative tasks
+82 (0)63 230 9713
Office of Planning and Management
Boyoung Cha, Director
  • Directing and managing the daily operation and projects of the Planning and Management Office
+82 (0)63 230 9720
Jung Seon Lim, Programme Specialist
  • Overseeing accounting and management
  • Supervising bidding and contract management
  • Managing salary and tax affairs
  • Implementing anti-corruption affairs
  • Operating internal system for preventing conflict of interest
+82 (0)63 230 9722
Sangmook Park, Programme Specialist
  • Managing human resources and organization matters
  • Supervising strategic planning and government cooperation
  • Managing budgetary control
  • Supervising internal audit and inspection
  • Cooperating with UNESCO and Member States
+82 (0)63 230 9721
Min Kyoung Yun, Assistant Programme Specialist
  • Organizing and managing operations for the governing board and executive committee meetings
  • Managing regulations and bylaws
  • Implementing staff training and capacity-building training
  • Operating information disclosure and personal information protection affairs
  • Working with staff welfare and general affairs
+82 (0)63 230 9723
Sailom Lee, Assistant Programme Specialist
  • Assisting accounting management
  • Managing office property and residence
  • Cooperating with affairs related to category 2 centers
  • Managing press releases
+82 (0)63 230 9724
Nanyoung Kim, Assistant Programme Specialist
  • Overseeing staff services and duties
  • Acting as secretary to the Director-General
  • Managing records and documentation
  • Assisting with UNESCO and Member States cooperation
  • Operating internal meetings and Culture Day
  • Cooperating with related organizations and MOU partners
+82 (0)63 230 9702
Seonjeong Moon, Intern
  • Assisting with staff services and records management
  • Assisting with operations for governing board and executive committee meetings
  • Assisting with accounting management
  • Overseeing in-house supply management
+82 (0)63 230 9714
Office of Information and Research
Gyuri Bak, Director
  • Directing and managing the daily operation and projects of the Information and Research Office
+82 (0)63 230 9730
Soyoung Min, Programme Specialist
  • Developing content and web services for ichLinks
  • Building partnerships and cooperative relations for ichLinks
  • Implementing ICH video production projects
+82 (0)63 230 9732
Boram Kim, Programme Specialist
  • Networking ichLinks partner organizations and implementing cooperation projects
  • Managing ichLinks’ database and archive
+82 (0)63 230 9733
Hyeonju Song, Assistant Programme Specialist
  • Publishing the ICH Courier
  • Publishing Living Heritage Series
  • Operating ICH publication projects
+82 (0)63 230 9734
Chisun Hwang, Intern
  • Assisting with data correction and standardization
  • Assisting with keyword matching and multilingual translation
  • Assisting with ichLinks partnerships and cooperative relations
  • Assisting with content develoment for ichLinks
+82 (0)63 230 9738
Programme Development Team(TFT)
Milee Choi, Section Chief
  • Directing and managing the daily operation and projects of the Programme Development Task Force Team
+82 (0)63 230 9731
Junhyeong Lee, Assistant Programme Specialist
  • Developing promotional contents (digital)
  • Publishing ICH Plus+
  • Operating social network service platforms
  • Operating website information service
+82 (0)63 230 9736
Jinsol Seo, Assistant Programme Specialist
  • Managing ichLinks platform system development
  • Maintaining hardware/software/web systems maintenance
  • Implementing information system security
+82 (0)63 230 9737
Office of Cooperation and Networking
Weonmo Park, Director
  • Directing and managing the daily operation and projects of the Cooperation and Networking Office
+82 (0)63 230 9740
Min Jung Kim, Programme Specialist
  • Operating the ICH School Network
  • Operating the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on ICH and SDGs
  • Assisting with developing ICH awareness-raising materials
+82 (0)63 230 9741
Minji Kim, Programme Specialist
  • Supporting the Overall Result Framework (ORF) for the 2003 Convention (organizing workshops in SA, SEA, and Korea)
  • Assisting with the 2022 World Forum for ICH
  • Assisting with ICH NGO conferences
  • Assisting with the ICH Youth Network
+82 (0)63 230 9742
Jinyoung Seo, Programme Specialist
  • Managing ICH awareness-raising materials
  • Hosting ICH NGO conferences
  • Operating the ICH Associate Expert Program
  • Assisting with the ICH School Network
  • Assisting with the Higher Education Network (APHEN-ICH)
+82 (0)63 230 9744
Yunsuk Jang, Assistant Programme Specialist
  • Hosting the 2022 World Forum for ICH
  • Organizing the ICH Youth Network
  • Operating Higher Education Network (APHEN-ICH)
  • Managing the ICH Webinar Series webpage
+82 (0)63 230 9745
Yeji Lee, Consultant
  • Assisting with the ICH Youth Network
  • Assisting with Higher Education Network (APHEN-ICH)
  • Assistiing with administrative affairs and projects
+82 (0)63 230 9747
Kamila Kenzhetaeva, Associate Expert
  • Assisting with project operations within the Cooperation and Networking Office
  • Conducting a research project on ICH education
+82 (0)63 230 9746
Michael Peterson, Editor
  • Editing ICHCAP documents and publications
+82 (0)63 230 9710

Governing Board

Board Members

The governing board meets at an annual governing board meeting and occasionally through extra-ordinary sessions to accomplish the following:

  • approve our long-term and medium-term programs
  • approve our annual work plan and budget
  • examine our annual reports
  • issue rules and regulations and determine our financial, administrative, and personnel management procedures
  • decide on regional and international organizations’ participation in our work
Eung-chon Choi
Administrator, Cultural Heritage Administration, Republic of Korea
Himalchuli Gurung
Programme Specialist for Culture, UNESCO Beijing Office
Su-hee Chae
Director General, Heritage Promotion Bureau, Cultural Heritage Administration, Republic of Korea
Jong-ho Kyun
Director General, Cultural Affairs Bureau of Ministry of Foreign Affair, Republic of Korea
Hiroyuki Shimatani
President, National Institute for Cultural Heritage, Japan
Yanhui Zhu
Deputy Director, Bureau of International Exchanges and Cooperation, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, China
Chang Hwee Nee
Chief Executive Officer, National Heritage Board, Singapore
Kyung-Koo Han
Secretary-General, Korean National Commission for UNESCO, Republic of Korea
Ji- Sung Kim
Director-General, ICHCAP, Republic of Korea
Mun seok Kim(Auditor)
Certified Public Accountant, Nexia Samduk Corporation, Republic of Korea

Executive Committee

Committee Members
Su-hee Chae
Director General, Heritage Promotion Bureau, Cultural Heritage Administration
Jong-ho Kyun
Director General, Cultural Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Kyunghoon Yi
Director-General, National Intangible Heritage Center
Young-chang Choi
President, Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation
Young Woon Kim
Chairperson, Korea Intangible Cultural Heritage Committee
Ji-Sung Kim
Director-General, ICHCAP