Office of the Director-General
Gi Hyung Keum, Director-General
  • Oversees the operation of ICHCAP's four offices
    Office of Strategic Development, Office of
    Planning and Management, Office of Information and
    Research, and Office of Cooperation and Networking
  • Participates as a non-voting member of ICHCAP's Governing Board
  • Takes part in ICHCAP's Executive Committee
+82 063 230 9701 ghkeum@unesco-ichcap.org
Office of Strategic Development
Seong-Yong Park, Assistant Director General of ICHCAP and Director, Office of Strategic Development
  • Oversees the daily operation of
    the Office of Strategic Development
+82 063 230 9703 sypark@unesco-ichcap.org
Programme Development Team (TFT)
Deok-soon Kim, Section Chief
  • Directing Programme Development Team(leader)
+82 063 230 9710 1969kds@unesco-ichcap.org
Min Jung Kim, Programme Specialist
  • ICH Courier publishing
  • Northeast Asia ICH Cooperation Project
+82 063 230 9711 mjkim@unesco-ichcap.org
Communication Team (TFT)
Michael Peterson, Section Chief
  • Directing Communication Team(leader)
  • Managing Website and SNS (Eng)
  • ICH Courier Publication (Eng)
+82 063 230 9713 michael@unesco-ichcap.org
Yunsuk Jang, Assistant Programme Specialist
  • Silkroad ICH collaborative project
  • Living Heritage Series Publication
  • Publishing ICH Plus (ICHCAP's e-newsletter)
+82 063 230 9712 fh16yj@unesco-ichcap.org
Office of Planning and Management
Boyoung Cha, Director
  • Oversees the daily operation of
    the Office of Planning and Management
+82 063 230 9720 by.cha@unesco-ichcap.org
Pilyoung Park, Programme Specialist
  • Human resources management
  • UNESCO and Member States cooperation
  • Governing board meeting
+82 063 230 9721 pypark@unesco-ichcap.org
Soyoung Min, Assistant Programme Specialist
  • Accounting
  • Contract and salary management
  • Information disclosure
  • Anti-corruption team
  • General affairs
+82 063 230 9722 soyoung@unesco-ichcap.org
Jina Choi, Consultant
  • Office regulations and property management
  • Executive committee meeting and advisory committee
  • World Intangible Heritage Forum Office Assistant
+82 063 230 9702 jachoi@unesco-ichcap.org
JungSeon Lim, Programme Specialist
  • Maternity Leave
Office of Information and Research
Sun-Bok Choi, Director
  • Oversees the daily operation of the Office of Information and Research
+82 063 230 9730 csb0407@unesco-ichcap.org
Min Yung Jung, Programme Specialist
  • Operating ICH Video Production Project
  • Operating ICH and ICT project
  • Publishing and managing ICH & Society Series
+82 063 230 9731 minyoung@unesco-ichcap.org
Sangmook Park, Programme Specialist
  • Operating ICH information sharing platform project
  • Managing ICH online exhibitions
+82 063 230 9732 mook@unesco-ichcap.org
Jinhee Oh, Assistant Programme Specialist
  • Supporting digitization of ICH-related analogue materials
  • Supporting ICH festivals and events
  • Establishing PR strategy
  • Publishing 2003 Convention related materials
+82 063 230 9734 ojh@unesco-ichcap.org
Jaewang Kim, Assistant Programme Specialist
  • Strengthening ICT-based ICH Information
  • Managing ICHCAP website (Kor)
+82 063 230 9736 tm595@unesco-ichcap.org
Office of Cooperation and Networking
Weonmo Park, Director
  • Oversees the daily operation of
    the Office of Cooperation and Networking
+82 063 230 9740 pweonmo@unesco-ichcap.org
Milee Choi, Programme Specialist
  • Building networks to integrate ICH in
    vocational education and training
  • ICH museum network
  • World forum for ICH
+82 063 230 9741 milee.choi@unesco-ichcap.org
Minji Kim, Assistant Programme Specialist
  • Expert meeting for building maritime ICH networks
  • Youth ICH storytelling contest
  • Raising awareness for implementing Overall Results Framework for the 2003 Convention in the Asia-Pacific
  • Asia-Pacific ICH-NGO conference
+82 063 230 9742 orangeminji@unesco-ichcap.org
Boram Kim, Assistant Programme Specialist
  • ICH sub-regional meeting in South Asia
  • Establishing Asia-Pacific higher education network
    for safeguarding ICH
  • Associate expert program
  • MOU management
+82 063 230 9743 boram@unesco-ichcap.org
Jinyoung Seo, Assistant Programme Specialist
  • Building a school network for integrating ICH into education
  • Managing ICH partnership program
  • Collaborating on UNESCO capacity-building workshops
+82 063 230 9744 jseo0420@unesco-ichcap.org
Minkyoung Yun, Project Consultant
  • World Forum for ICH
  • Assisting Education Network Projects
+82 063 230 9746 mkyun@unesco-ichcap.org
Haeree Shim, Project Consultant
  • Raising awareness for implementing Overall Results Framework for the 2003 Convention in the Asia-Pacific
  • Assisting building ICH networks
+82 063 230 9745 hrshim@unesco-ichcap.org
Bernidick Bryan Hosmillo, International Intern
  • Thematic ICH research
+82 063 230 9747 bryhos@unesco-ichcap.org

Governing Board

Board Members

The governing board meets at an annual governing board meeting and occasionally through extra-ordinary sessions to accomplish the following:

  • approve our long-term and medium-term programs
  • approve our annual work plan and budget
  • examine our annual reports
  • issue rules and regulations and determine our financial, administrative, and personnel management procedures
  • decide on regional and international organizations’ participation in our work
Jae-suk Chung
Administrator, Cultural Heritage Administration, Republic of Korea
Himalchuli Gurung
Programme Specialist for Culture, UNESCO Beijing Office
Director General, Heritage Promotion Bureau, Cultural Heritage Administration, Republic of Korea
Eun Ji SEO
Director General, Cultural Affairs Bureau of Ministry of Foreign Affair, Republic of Korea
Keiji Matsumura
President, National Institute for Cultural Heritage, Japan
Ling Zhang
Director, Bureau for External Cultural Relations, Ministry of Culture, China
Kwangho Kim
Secretary-General, Korean National Commission for UNESCO, Republic of Korea
Gi Hyung Keum
Director-General, ICHCAP, Republic of Korea
Mun-seok KIM(Auditor)
Certified Public Accountant, Nexia Samduk Corporation, Republic of Korea

Executive Committee

Committee Members
Director General, Heritage Promotion Bureau, Cultural Heritage Administration
Eun Ji SEO
Director General, Cultural Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Yeon-soo Kim
Director-General, National Intangible Heritage Center
Ok-sub Jin
President, Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation
Yeon-ho Seo
Chairperson, Korea Intangible Cultural Heritage Committee
Gi Hyung Keum
Director-General, ICHCAP