A Briefing Session on the ichLinks Archive Package Distribution Project Held Online

Participants in the ichLinks Archive Package Distribution Project © ICHCAP

ICHCAP (hereinafter the center) held a briefing session for distribution of the ichLinks Archive Package through an online video conference from 2pm to 4pm Korean time on Thursday, March 17, 2022. Forty-five organizations, ICH experts and data experts from ichLink’s eleven partner organizations (from Malaysia, Vietnam, Bhutan, Singapore, Uzbekistan, India, Kazakhstan, Cambodia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Fiji) participated as observers.

This briefing session was discussed in the following order: ▲ briefing of the overall purpose and direction of the ichLinks Archive Package Distribution Project and the advantages of using the package; ▲ introduction of the features of ichLinks Archive Package and system demonstration; ▲sharing experiences of the World Martial Arts Federation’s pilot project using ichLinks Archive Package; ▲ Package-related Q&As. Through the briefing session, various discussions were held regarding data sharing plans and strategies between the center and partner organizations through package use, and active questions and answers were made about among working-level personnel on the actual use of the package.

As a follow-up measure to this briefing, the center plans to receive applications for package distribution for partner organizations and proceed with package distribution after checking the data status and local system of applicant organizations.

■ ichLinks Archive Package Distribution Project

The archive package is a system that integrates the ichLinks data archiving functionality. ichLinks supports systems and regular technical advice to help organizations using packages to build ICH information on their own, and with their own initiatives. Partner organizations that use packages can own their own archive web pages and build their own information networks through user-led account issuance. In addition, the information can be selectively linked with ichLinks to serve subscribers around the world.