2023 ICM Global Youth Martial Arts Academy Application Guide for International Students

2023 ICM Global Youth Martial Arts Academy Application Guide for International Students

The International Centre of Martial Arts for Youth Development and Engagement under the auspices of UNESCO (ICM) is a UNESCO Category 2 Centre which is established through a signed agreement between the Government of the Republic of Korea and UNESCO.

The 2023 ICM Global Youth Martial Arts Academy (2023 ICM GYMAA) which will be held from the 22th to the 27th of August aims to forge a robust network among international students and Korean undergraduate/graduate students. At the same time, 2023 ICM GYMAA targets to enhance the participating youth’s multicultural understanding and foster the value of global citizenship.

ICM looks forward to active participation of those who are interested in the activities of the UNESCO and martial arts.

Secretary General, UNESCO ICM

○ Theme: Martial Arts Academy for Young Global Citizens
○ Dates: 22 August ~ 26 August 2023
○ Main location: Chungju-shi, Chungcheongbuk-do, Republic of Korea
○ Participants: 24 international students and 6 Korean facilitators(buddies)
○ Language: English and Korean
○ Programme outline (subject to change)
  – Lectures: sport integrity, global citizenship
  – Martial arts experience: Taekkyeon, Taekwondo, horse-riding archery
  – Cultural exchanges: pottery experience, cultural exchange (participants)
  – Idea challenge: team activity to cultivate fresh ideas for improving ICM programmes

○ Number of participants: 24 international students
○ Eligibility: Undergraduate and graduate international (non-Korean national) students in
     the Republic of Korea (including exchange students, students enrolled in language
     school/institutes, and those taking a leave of absence) or plan to arrive before the
     academy starts
○ Benefits: Free participation during the programme (including meals and
     accommodations), souvenir package(s), participation certificate, and prizes for group
○ Required documents
  – Signed copy of registration policy agreement and application form
  – Letter of motivation (English): maximum 1 page (A4) (no restriction on the format)
○ Participant requirements
  – Committed to attend the whole programme
  – Interested in international exchange, cultural experience, martial arts, sports, and
      global agenda (including UN SDGs and global citizenship)
  – With positive attitude and multicultural understanding
  – With sufficient level of English
○ Preferred candidate(s)
  – Those who are fluent in Korean (above TOPIK Level 3 and etc.)
  – Those who are enrolled in related majors or with relevant experience
  – Those who could add more diversity to the programme
○ Timeline

○ How to apply
  – Download the application form from the ICM website and submit the required
      documents via email to ss.cho@unescoicm.org no later than 26 July 2023 23:59
  – All applications will be processed on a rolling basis (first come, first served).
  – Email title: 2023 ICM Global Youth Martial Arts Academy_Application_Name

[Contact information]
○ Sungsik CHO, Senior Programme Specialist, International Cooperation Team (☎ +82
    (0)43-845-6739 / Email: ss.cho@unescoicm.org)
UNESCO ICM official web page

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