2020 Silk Roads ICH Networking Program

Webinar: Life, Environment, and ICH along the Silk Roads & Strategic Meeting on Silk Roads ICH Networking

Cooperation of twenty-one Silk Roads organizations with twenty-five experts from ten countries announced—2021 Silk Road Intangible Heritage Network Creation Recommendations to be Adopted

Introduction and Background

With the aim of ‘establishing mechanisms to ensure the effective sharing of information related to ICH safeguarding;’ ‘build, strengthen, and maintain networks among concerned communities, groups, and individual bearers of ICH, as well as relevant non-governmental organizations and civil society associations; and organize public events as appropriate;’ build, strengthen and maintain networks to exchange information and knowledge concerning the safeguarding of ICH, among relevant actors and institutions (Article 6.2. [a], [c], [d] of the Agreement to establish ICHCAP), ICHCAP intends to undertake activities to enhance access to and the availability of ICH information and strengthen information and networking capacity, targeting ICH stakeholders, within the framework of ICHCAP’s projects.

As part of these efforts, ICHCAP has teamed up with Korea-Central Asia Cooperation Forum Secretariat and IICAS to develop a survey about ICH festivals along the Silk Roads. This program is the first phase of a longer-term commitment to extend the network to include other ICH forms in the future.

ICHCAP has supported ICH networking in Central Asia, the northern Silk Roads axis, for the past decade. ICHCAP and Uzbekistan signed a three-party MOU to activate the Silk Road intangible cultural heritage network in 2019, which was followed by a Central Asia Sub-regional network meeting in Almaty, Kazakhstan, 2019.

The 2020 webinar features Helena Norberg-Hodge, a world-renowned ecologist and author of Ancient Futures, as the first speaker, and she talks about “Human, Environment and the Silk Road.” In addition, Dr. Seong-Yong Park of ICHCAP, an expert in cultural development and networking, will present “Silk Road Intangible Heritage Cooperation Mechanism” based on experience establishing various networks of the ICH field in the Asia-Pacific including Central Asia over the past decade. In addition, Alisher Ikramov of the Central Asian Studies Research Institute at IICAS and an authority on regional studies on the Silk Roads is scheduled to present “Viability and Sustainability of the Silk Road Intangible Heritage Festivals.” As the fourth speaker, installation artist Dongjo Yoo, who has appealed for the importance of harmony between humans and the environment throughout his life, shall speak about his installation art activities and present the Water-Presentation Installation Project that longs for the coexistence of humans and nature on the Silk Roads along with future collaborative works among artists in the Silk Road region.

Opening Ceremony

Date: 18 November 2020
Time: 13:00 (All time references are GMT +9), Local Times of the Silk Roads States
Venue: Online (Zoom or YouTube)
English Stream
Day 1 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wF0qyYk0ca0
Day 2 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ya1eVZdflQ8

Korean Stream
Day 1 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLRZpZwn36k
Day 2 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-Tdji82heM

Russian Stream
Day 1 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGxkBNVxezw
Day 2 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eyBH5WyFMzM

Welcoming Message: Jae-suk Jung, ADG, CHA
Welcoming Remarks: Seong-In Kim, SG, KF Korea-Central Asia Cooperation Forum Secretariat
Welcoming Remarks: Dmitriy Voyakin, Director, IICAS
Opening Remarks: Gi-Hyung Keum, Director-General, ICHCAP

Webinar: Life, Environment, and ICH along the Silk Roads & Strategic Meeting on Silk Roads ICH Networking

Date: 18 November 2020
Time: 13:20
Venue: Online (Zoom or YouTube)
Languages: English, Korean, and Russian

  • International Information and Networking Centre for Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Asia-Pacific Region under the auspices of UNESCO (ICHCAP)
  • KF Korea-Central Asia Cooperation Forum Secretariat
  • International Institute for Central Asian Studies (IICAS)


  • UNESCO Almaty Cluster Office
  • UNESCO Tashkent Office
  • Iut’l Turkic Culture and Heritage Foundation
  • UNESCO Silk Road Online Platform Programme
  • Ministries of Culture of Central Asia
  • Eurasian Turk Institute, Dongduk Women’s University
  • Kazakhstan National Committee for Safeguarding of ICH
  • National Commission of Kyrgyz Republic for UNESCO
  • Turkish National Commission for UNESCO
  • National Commission of Uzbekistan for UNESCO
  • Institute of Oriental Studies of the Azerbaijan National Academy
  • Uzbekistan State Institute of Arts and Culture
  • Institute of Culture and Information of Tajikistan
  • Azerbaijan National Conservatoire
  • Hacı Bayram Veli University (Ankara, Turkey)
  • Mongolian University of Science and Technology
  • Turksoy(Ankara, Turkey)
  • International Turkic Academy(TWESCO in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan)
  • Permanent Delegation of Turkmenistan to UNESCO
  • European Association of Folklore Festivals
  • National Intangible Heritage Center, Korea


  • Cultural Heritage Administration of the Republic of Korea

Speaker Bios


Day 1


Date 18 November 2020


Time Schedule
Opening Ceremony

Messages from our collaborators
Congratulatory remarks:
- Jae-suk Chung (Administrator, Cultural Heritage Administration of Korea)
- Seong-in Kim (Executive Director, Korea-Central Asia Cooperation Forum Secretariat)
Welcoming Remarks:
- Dmitriy Voyakin (Director, IICAS)
Opening Remarks:
- Gi Hyung Keum (Director-General, ICHCAP)

Webinar: “Life, Environment, and ICH along the Silk Roads”

Moderator: Eun-Kyung Oh (Director, Institute of Eurasian Turkic Studies of the Dongduk University)


1. Humanity, Environment, and Silk Roads
Helena Norberg-Hodge (Director, Local Futures)


2. On a Silk Roads ICH Cooperation Mechanism for Sustainable Development
Seong-Yong Park (Assistant Director General, ICHCAP)


3. Vitality and Sustainability of the Silk Roads ICH Festivals
Alisher Ikramov (Director, Development of International Cooperation, IICAS)


4. The Water-Performance Installation Project Yearning for the Coexistence of Humans and Nature in the Silk Roads Region
Dong-jo Yoo (Installation Artist)


Panel Discussion



Online Strategic Meeting on Silk Roads ICH Networking
Session 1: Case Studies on the Vitalization of the Silk Roads ICH: ICH Festivals & Sustainable Development

Moderator: Seong-In Kim (Executive Director, the Korea-Central Asia Cooperation Forum Sectretariat)


1. The Role of Festivals for ICH Safeguarding within Local Communities Dilshod Rahimi (Deputy Director, Research Institute of Culture and Information of the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Tajikistan)


2. Case of Kyrgyzstan: Influences and Effects of ICH Festivals on Local Communities Sabira Soltongeldieva (Secretary-General, National Commission of the Kyrgyz Republic for UNESCO)


3. Case of Kazakhstan: ICH Festivals’ Influence and Effects on Local Communities
Khanzada Yessenova (Former Chairperson, the National Committee fort the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of the National Commission of the Republic of Kazakhstan for UNESCO and ISESCO)


4. Influence and Effect of Andong the International Mask Dance Festival on the Development of Local Communities
Ju Ho Kim (Andong Mask Dance Festival Chief, ROK)


5. Future Nominations of Turkmenistan to the Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO in the Context of the Great Silk Roads
Shohrat Jumayev (Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Turkmenistan to France, Permanent Delegate of Turkmenistan to UNESCO)


Panel Discussion



Work Group Meeting
Day 2


Date19 November 2020


Time Schedule
Session 2: Cooperation and Solidarity for Operating the ICH Network along the Silk Roads

Moderator: Jan Hladik (Head, UNESCO Tashkent Office)


1. On the Feasibility of the Silk Roads ICH Network
Sangcheol Kim (Research Professor, Institute of Central Asian Studies, Hankook University of Foreign Studies)


2. Operational Issues of the Network
Alim Feyzulayev (Leading Researcher, IICAS)


3. Lessons CIOFF has Learned: Sharing the Experience and Knowledge
Philippe Beaussant (President, CIOFF)


4. Lessons European Association of Folklore Festivals has Learned: Sharing the Experience and Knowledge
Kaloyan Nikolov (President, European Association of Folklore Festivals)


5. Curator Dangjin City
Daeyoung Ko (Curator, Gijisi juldarigi [Tug-of-War] Museum, Operated by the Dangin Local Government)


Discussion Session with Panelists



Session 3: Collaborative Work and Benefits through Activities of the Silk Roads ICH Network

Moderator: Prof. Urazali Tashmatov (Uzbekistan State Institute of Arts and Culture)


1. Scope and Definition of Collaborative Work through the Network’s Activities
Kwon Huh (Professor, Mongolia International University)


2. Cooperative Measures for Festivals in the Silk Road Region
Jahangir Selimkhanov (Head, International Relations Department of the Azerbaijan National Conservatoire)


3. Case Study: ichLinks, One-stop Asia-Pacific ICH Information-Sharing Platform, Sangmook Park (Programme Specialist, ICHCAP)


4. Case Study: Silk Road Heritage Corridor: Afghanistan, Central Asia, and Iran
Krista Pikkat (Director, UNESCO Almaty Cluster Office)


5.UNESCO Silk Road Online Platform
Mehrdad Shabahang (Programme Specialist, Social and Human Sciences Sector, UNESCO)


Panel Discussion



Conclusion (Moderator: Seong-Yong Park (ADG, ICHCAP)

Rapporteur’s Report & Discussion (Representative Rapporteur)


Adoption of Recommendation (Representative of Working Group)


17:20-17:30 Closing Remarks:
Dmitriy Voyakin (Director, IICAS)
Gi Hyung Keum (Director-General, ICHCAP)


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