2020 UNESCO Category 2 Centres (based in Korea) Cooperation Meeting Held

2020 UNESCO Category 2 Centres Cooperation Meeting ⓒ ICHCAP

ICHCAP (Director-General Gi Hyung Keum) held the 2020 UNESCO Category 2 Centres (based in Korea) Cooperation Meeting at the center located in Jeonju, Korea, on 4 February.

The meeting was attended by representatives of three category 2 centres (C2Cs) active in Korea and three organizations currently in process of establishment as well as Kwangho Kim, Secretary-General of the Korean National Commission for UNESCO, and Ho Young Ahn, a member of UNESCO’s High Level Reflection Group for Strategic Transformation (also President of the University of North Korean Studies and former South Korean ambassador to the United States).

Participating Organizations (UNESCO Category 2 Centres)

  • The International Information and Networking Centre for Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Asia-Pacific Region (ICHCAP)
  • International Centre of Martial Arts for Youth Development and Engagement (ICM)
  • International Centre for Water Security and Sustainable Management (i-WSSM)
  • International Centre for Documentary Heritage (in process)
  • Global Research and Training Centre for Internationally Designated Areas (in process)
  • International Centre for the Interpretation and Presentation of the World Heritage Sites (in process)

The participants shared major projects of each organization for 2020, and ICHCAP and ICM especially agreed to initiate a joint publication project on traditional martial arts in commemoration of the seventieth anniversary of Korea’s admission to UNESCO. They went on to discuss the necessity of a consultative body aimed at strengthening the foundation for greater contributions to international society based on the expertise of each organization. ICHCAP has assumed the role of the Secretariat of the consultative body.

During the meeting, the participants sought new joint projects and other ways of collaboration, and they will continue to work closely together through, for example, joint workshops for the launch of the consultative body of the UNESCO C2Cs.