2020 Silk Roads ICH Networking Program

For the past decade, ICHCAP has been working Central Asian nations to safeguard their ICH. These endeavors have included survey projects, digitization projects, audio/video projects, and many others. In 2020, ICHCAP teamed up with IICAS to develop a survey about ICH festivals along the Silk Roads. This program on festivals is the first phase of a longer-term commitment to extend the network to include additional ICH forms in the future.

ICHCAP’s endeavors have supported networking along the northern Silk Roads axis. Given ICHCAP’s experience with communities along the Silk Roads, the Centre and other organizations in Uzbekistan signed a three-party MOU to collaborate for Silk Road intangible cultural heritage networking, which was followed by a Central Asia Sub-regional network meeting in Almaty, Kazakhstan in 2019.

In light of the current status, ICHCAP, KF Korea Central Asia Cooperation forum Secretariat, and IICAS with the collaboration with twenty-one collaborative institutes will be holding the 2020 Silk Roads ICH Networking Program, which will consist of a webinar, working group meetings, and a three-session strategic meeting. Full details about these events are available here. The webinar and strategic meetings are open to the public and we welcome visitor to participate. The main events will take place at 13:00 (GMT+9) on 18 November and 19 November. Both meetings are scheduled to finish around 17:30 (GMT+9). To participate, please complete the registration form, and we will e-mail the relevant links before the events begin.

The meetings and webinar will include well-respected experts in the field of intangible cultural heritage and regional studies. We are looking forward to outside participation of experts in the field of ICH and regional studies. Please join us to learn more about safeguarding intangible cultural heritage along the Silk Roads through the lens of ICH networking initiatives.