2020 ICH NGO Conference: Grounds for Solidarity among NGOs Worldwide

ICH NGO Conference screenshot

On 12 and 13 November 2020, ICHCAP and the ICH NGO Forum virtually held the 2020 ICH NGO Conference. The fifteen participants, including eleven selected presenters from ten countries around the world, discussed various cases and activities of each country applied under the Corona-era, and proposed solidarity for the resilience of ICH for a ‘New Normal.’

The two main pillars of this conference were “Sustainable utilization of ICH” and “Innovation for the diversification of ICH education.” During the sessions, there was a wide range of presentations: Holding online festivals and practicing events, increasing accessibility to ICH information through online recording, continuing transmission of traditional knowledge and method of practices by adapting in the present, innovative art and cultural education through the Google Culture and Art Project, and untangling corporate engagement considering influence, etc. In particular, the two-day event ended by noting that all participants focused on the NGO itself, emphasizing the role of a ‘bridge’ between governments and communities and recalling that to overcome the crisis through ‘solidarity’ and ‘integration’ is the biggest task we currently face.

As the conference was held online this year, all video materials can be replayed on ICHCAP’s website (https://www.unesco-ichcap.org/2020ichngoconference/), and the proceedings will be posted at a later date and distributed to related agencies.