2019 Asia-Pacific Youth ICH Storytelling Contest Winners Announced

Female dancer getting ready for traditional Chau dance © Moushumi Choudury

ICHCAP has announced the winners of the 2019 Asia-Pacific Youth ICH Storytelling Contest, which was held by the centre for three months from July 2019. Applicants from 19 countries submitted their photo essays and videos for the contest which had two categories (Young Practitioners and General Youth). ICHCAP selected winners for Grand Prize (1 person), Excellence Prize (1 person), Distinction Prize (2 persons), Special Award (3 persons), and Participation Prize in each category.

The Young Practitioners category received entries from young people directly engaging in ICH transmission. Moushumi Choudhury, a female Chau dancer, won Grand Prize. Through her photos, she shared the challenges and possibilities she went through when she was striving to learn traditional Chau dance, a predominantly male dance in India. Alina Tamrakar received Excellence Prize. The Nepali architect recorded a story about traditional Nepali devotional music through a personal experience of participating in the Gunla festival, a month-long Buddhist procession, as a traditional instrumentalist. Distinction Prize went to Xiaobo Liu (China), who talked about the legacy of Chinese bamboo artistry, and Maya Rai (Nepal), who told a story of women empowerment through weaving. Special Award was given to Khin Myat Noe Naing (Myanmar’s traditional food), Hwadam Kwon (Korean Taekkyeon), and Le Zhang (Chinese paper-cut art). Other six entries received Participation Prize.

In the General Youth category for youths interested in ICH, Nguyen Anh Quan won Grand Prize. As a university student aspiring to become a Hat Boi practitioner, Anh Quan poetically described the philosophy of the traditional opera and especially its masks and makeup. Excellence Prize was offered to Saurabh Narang, a photographer who dealt with the origin of a traditional dance of the Siddis in India. Distinction Prize went to Abdullah Al Durrani Sony, who covered the New Year’s festival in Bangladesh, and Munipalli Goutham, whose photos tell a story of the Bonalu festival, a major ICH element in India, and the festive mood of families. Special Award was given to Touhidul Islam (Rickshaw paintings in Bangladesh), Deepak Tolange (Kusunda language facing threat of extinction in Nepal), and Lynn Wong (Wui Chiu traditional food for Qing Ming Festival). Other nine entries received Participation Prize.

ICHCAP will give the winners certificates and prizes worth 9.4 million won. ICHCAP is also planning to publish photo essays and hold online exhibitions using the prize-winning entries.

    <Prize-winning entries>

Young Practitioners General Youth
Grand Prize Moushumi Choudhury (India)
Breaking the Glass Ceiling: One Somersault at a time
Nguyen Anh Quan (Vietnam)
The Art of Masks Making
Excellence Prize Alina Tamrakar (Nepal)
Gunla baajan, a traditional devotional music
Saurabh Narang (India)
Dhamal – Traditional Dance
Distinction Prize Xiaobo Liu (China)
Weaving Dreams, Inheriting Bamboo Artistry
Abdullah Al Durrani Sony (Bangladesh)
Color of joy
Distinction Prize Maya Rai (Nepal)
Woven Together: A Story of Empowerment through Weaving
Munipalli Goutham (India)
Special Prize Khin Myat Noe Naing (Myanmar)
One of the traditional snack, Jaggery production
Touhidul_Islam (Bangladesh)
Special Prize Hwadam Kwon (Republic of Korea)
Bruise of Glory
Deepak Tolange (Nepal)
Special Prize Le Zhang (China)
Youth Meets Paper-cut
Lynn Wong (Singapore)
Wui Chiu Mugwort Kueh for Qing Ming Festival
Participation Prize Debasish Dey (India)
Charakpuja, an Ancient Taboo of Hindu Tradition
Avijit Ghosh (India)
Pattachitra – rejuvenated folk art of Bengal
Participation Prize Dwi Permata Wulan Sari (Indonesia)
Truntum batik
Bhagyanath Moothedath (India)
The Lights & Shadows, a story of Puppetry
Participation Prize Hnin Darli Soe (Myanmar)
Traditional pottery making in Bagan
Fanning Meng (China)
Woodblock New Year pictures
Participation Prize Rija Joshi (Nepal)
Baakhan Nyane Waa: an Oral Tradition
Mengxing Chen (China)
The Wonder Woman of Wood Painting
Participation Prize Tiancheng Xu (China)
Acubot: Bring Acupuncture to the World by Robot
Sweta Kandari (India)
Wool making tradition of Jadh Bhotiyas
Participation Prize Vipin V (India)
Tholpavakoothu, shadow puppetry
Minglei Wang (China)
Real Beauty in Yunnan
Participation Prize Alexandria Mordeno (Philippines)
A Mountain Girl’s Reflections by the River
Participation Prize Monalisa Maharjan (Nepal)
The story of ancient safeguarding practice in Kathmadu Valley
Participation Prize Hissah Macaraya (Philippines)
Baor-making Skill