2018 FESTinFest: Bringing Commerce and Cultural Heritage Together in Indonesia

Opening Ceremony of FESTinFest Festival © Him Saifanah, Indonesia.travel

FESTinFest 2018 was held in Jakarta, Indonesia, on 30 and 31 January 2018. Organized by Indonesia’s Ministry of Tourism, the event featured Bluemoon Festival and a forum dubbed “Visit Wonderful Indonesia (ViWi) 2018: Celebration of Life”. Since 2017, it is the second FESTinFest to promote cultural and entrepreneurial events in Indonesia. FESTinFest is dedicated to bring various cultural organizers, festival stakeholders, and social entrepreneurs throughout the archipelago together and to organize a platform of exchange for relevant individuals and groups to share their experiences and find ways to begin cooperation.

This year, FESTinFest recognized ten national events and one hundred wonder events; great Indonesian destinations (such as Jakarta, Bali, and Riau Islands) in which intangible cultural heritage is alive were also emphasized. Four main activities were held: Opening Ceremony of FESTinfest 2018; Exhibition of the Table Top 100 Wonder Festivals; Business Meetings and Discussions on ViWi 2018; and Bluemoon Festival.

The opening ceremony took place at the Balairung Soesilo Soedarman, Sapta Pesona Building of the Ministry of Tourism on 30 January. Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya emphasized that Indonesian festivals and events should display a balance between cultural value and commercial opportunity.

For two days, a hundred events and festivals were on display in a table top, showing festival groupings in a variety of themes: international, regional, cultural, artificial, sports, nature, and so on. Marketing, cooperation, networking, and issues in culture-oriented business were some of the topics covered in business meetings and discussions. In the end of the event, Bluemoon Festival was held. FESTinFest visitors witnessed the rare event when the super-moon and eclipse occur simultaneously in the parking lot of the Ministry. You may find more information (written in Bahasa Indonesia) through the official website of the Ministry of Tourism, Republic of Indonesia.