1st Central Asia ICH Film Festival

Photo Exhibition of the 8th Central Asia Sub-regional Network Meeting on the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage © ICHCAP

ICHCAP presented photo and film exhibitions on Central Asian ICH from 27 to 28 July in Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan under the theme of “Living Heritage: Wisdom of Life”.

ICHCAP has conducted the joint video production project with Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Mongolia for the past two years with the aim of promoting the importance of ICH safeguarding among the public and especially young people. The project has resulted in a total of fifty videos, or ten videos for each country. During the exhibitions, a total of fifteen videos, or three videos recommended by each country, were showcased for the first time to the public.

Divided into three sections (Entertainment of Life, Beauty of Life, and Melody of Life), the exhibitions were opened with the screening of videos on the traditional felt craft of Kazakhstan and the childbirth ritual of Kyrgyzstan. In the Beauty of Life section, videos on the jewelry craft of Kazakhstan and the traditional carpets of Kyrgyzstan were introduced. The Melody of Life section was dedicated to the screening of videos on the making and playing of the morin khuur, a traditional Mongolian instrument, and the traditional music of Tajikistan in different regions. Lastly, the Entertainment of Life section presented videos on the traditional tightrope walking of Uzbekistan and the traditional Mongolian plays that use sheep ankle bones. Meetings with ICH experts and production staff members from the participating countries were also held prior to each video screening.

The photo exhibition, which took place on the sidelines of the video exhibition, showcased more diverse ICH of the participating countries through about one hundred photos.

Director-General Kwon Huh of ICHCAP said this event will hopefully encourage the organization of various public events that feature ICH of Central Asia and also Asia-Pacific to increase the visibility of ICH.

The public exhibitions will also take place at Issyk-Kul Lake in Kyrgyzstan, known as the Pearl of Central Asia, from 1 to 7 August. Some of the videos presented during the exhibitions will be also introduced to the Korean public during the 2017 International Intangible Heritage Film Festival to be held in Jeonju, Korea, starting from 31 August 2017.