100th Issue of ICH Plus

Vol 100 Image © ICHCAP

ICH Plus has marked its 100th volume.

ICH Plus is a fortnightly online e-newsletter published by ICHCAP and was started in 2016 to promote the visibility of ICH information. ICH Plus has delivered ICH-related information that has been contributed and shared by about eighty foreign correspondents of ICHCAP and relevant organizations including UNESCO, governmental organizations, and non-governmental institutions in the field of culture. It has also published essays from ICH experts to introduce recent discourse on ICH.

For the past five years, ICH Plus has delivered more than six hundred news stories related to ICH. ICH Plus is playing an important role as an ICH information platform that serves the readers with easier access to ICH. The 100th volume of ICH Plus has been made possible due to the efforts and help of many people. Going forward, ICHCAP will do everything we can to safeguard ICH in the Asia-Pacific region as an ICH information platform and a focal point for communication through our ICH Plus e-newsletter.

ICHCAP always welcomes applications for foreign correspondent positions to deliver recent ICH news in the Asia-Pacific region. We are also open for submissions about ICH-related issues and events, essays, interviews, or stories. For more information, please contact us via email (ichcap.news@gmail.com).

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